Vacation and Travel Fitness Tips


Feb 01
Vacation and Travel Fitness

Vacation and Travel Fitness Tips

You've decided to stay on track with your fitness on your annual family vacation or maybe your next business trip but you've been down this road before. Even with the best of intentions we get caught up with all things vacation and hotel gyms seem to be under-equipped. With a little planning, research and ingenuity, you can succeed with vacation and travel fitness tips.

Think of it as Recovery Time

Unless you are on a strict training regimen for an Ironman or marathon, it's ok to have an easy week or two. The effort and duration don't need to be as hard or long as long.

A good goal is 60 minutes per day. Get your heart rate up for 40 minutes, including warm-up, stretching and cool-down with a 20 minute cushion for dressing, showering, etc.

Vacation and Travel Fitness Tips

Don't worry, you won't lose what you have already accomplished. According to research, if you already have a good baseline of fitness, you can exercise less and maintain your fitness.

Whether you are on vacation or a business trip, focus on what's important and we'll show you how to get those workouts in with minimal effort.

Research Your Destination​

If you're headed out to the beach with the family, chances are there are endless outdoor activities to engage in. You can walk briskly or run on the beach, play in the surf with your kids or dig in the sand to build a sandcastle.

If you're destination is land-locked see what accommodations your hotel provides. Is there a pool? Jump in a play with the kids for an hour.

Does the hotel have a walking track or green area? Race your kids around the track  with skipping, crawling, running backwards or hopping, the possibilities are endless.

Vacation and Travel Fitness Tips

Besides getting some great exercise in, you're kids will reap the benefits of fresh air, exercise and time with Mom and Dad.

Maybe you're an avid runner headed out of town and dread hotel treadmills. Call ahead and ask if they recommend any local running groups, running paths or routes.

Vacation and Travel Fitness Tips
Vacation antd Travel Fitness Tips

treadmill or fresh air

Try Something New

Check out your destination on-line. What are popular activities?

If you're headed to landlocked destination, there might be some amazing hiking or biking excursions to try. ​

On my trip to Ft. Worth​ I discovered an amazing bike rental system. They were easy to ride and I got to check out more of Ft. Worth than I could have visited on foot.

Vacation antd Travel Fitness Tips

You might be headed to a destination with water. Check if there are kayaks, paddle boards or small sailboats available. They provide a fantastic experience and workout!

If you're going to try something new, do some research online for tips and tricks.   REI hasgreat tips on paddle boarding.

Many hotels and resorts offer yoga classes, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, sightseeing tours and popular excursions at no cost or for a small fee.

Being a bit adventurous and trying something new is one of my favorite vacation and travel fitness tips. Who knows, maybe you'll find a new activity to pursue with passion.

No Equipment Needed

Not having access to a fitness facility, bike or equipment might seem frustrating at first but think of it as an opportunity to cross train your body.

Body weight exercises require balance and coordination. Therefore, body weight exercises engage more muscles during each movement!

Vacation and Travel Fitness Tips


You can do body weight exercises in your hotel room. Knock out some push-ups, front to back lunges, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, leg raises, kickups....the possibilities are endless.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk each floor between flights of stairs. throw in 5-10 pushups on each floor.

Make a game of it and embrace the funny looks from folks. Hey, you're reaping the health benefits of exercise by releasing stress and tension. Smile and enjoy it!

Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, using Eurofit's Vacation and Travel Fitness Tips is a great way to keep your fitness routine on track. I'm Sara Parrish and as a busy mom and entrepreneur, I know how hard and stressful it can be to get your workout in while away from home.

With a little planning and an open mind, you're sure to get plenty of exercise on your next trip! Be sure and send me your favorite vacation and travel fitness tips. You can find me on twitter and facebook!

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