Try 5 New Exercises


Jan 09

Try 5 New Exercises

Getting bored with your workouts? If your trying to get in shape or need some new motivation, try 5 new exercises to mix it up for the new year!

Stressing your muscles and connective tissues in new ways is necessary for fitness improvement.

Arnold Dumbbell Curl​

Eurofit loves this exercise because it targets more than one muscle group. It's an arm exercise that involves the legs, too.

The arnold dumbbell curl will have you feeling the burn halfway through your reps and remembering the burn with some soreness the next day or so.

Try 5 New Exercises

Begin as shown in figure 1.

Weight should be on your bent leg. Back straight and abs tight. Weight should be hanging freely in front of you.

Slide your hips to the right without any upward motion.

​Curl the dumbbell up towards your chin while twisting the weight and getting a maximum flex in your bicep.

As you slide your hips, the straight leg should bend and the bent leg should straighten. Keep your free hand on your knee.

This exercise should move in a straight line with the horizon.

Try 5 New Exercises

The Arnold dumbbell curl is a great way to try 5 new exercises in 2016!

The Wood Chop

The Wood Chop is a great addition to your weekly back routine. This is a Eurofit favorite because of the twisting and rotation involved.

By adding exercises with rotations and twists, you are incorporating more than that the target muscle group, the back. Your abs, shoulders and arms get a workout as well.

Try 5 New Exercises

Begin in an upright batters ready position as shown on the left. Weight should be on your leg closest to the point of resistance.

Rotate your hands down and away from your body. Think of chopping down on a tree or trying to hit a ground ball.

As you rotate to the front of your body, your arms should be extended and your body weight shifted to the opposite leg.

The power and speed on this exercise should be in the chopping motion. Return to start position slightly slower than the power movement. Repeat.

Jumping Lunge

It's the end of the week and time for leg day. Your routine might include squats, lunges, scissor kicks or leg curls.

Try adding in a set of jumping lunges for a really dynamic workout. You will need a medicine ball for this exercise.

Start in the position as shown in the picture. Make sure your front knee is not extended over your toe.

Begin by jumping straight up into the air and landing with feet in the opposite position.

Try 5 New Exercises

courtesy urbankick

If you begin with your right foot in front as you jump move your left foot to the front.

Concentrate on good form. Keep your abs tight, your eyes on the horizon and don't lean forward. Try to get your knee as close to the ground as possible on each repetition.

Russian Twists

Try 5 New Exercises

You can never get too many ab or core exercises in. Your core is the point from which all stability and strength begins. ​

According to Harvard University it is the point from which all movements originate or move in the body and properly building up your core cranks up the power.

The ancient sculptors knew and admired the importance of a strong core.

​You will need an exercise ball at least 55cm in diameter and a medicine ball at least 5lbs for this exercise.

Begin by sitting on the ball holding the ball in your lap. Slowly roll your hips and glutes off of the ball forming a flat bench with your thighs, torso and upper body.

Hold your feet as close together as possible while holding hips in a straight line with knees and shoulders. Don't drop your hips!

​Rotate your torso from side to side. You should feel like you are rolling your shoulders across the ball.

Try 5 New Exercises

Don't reach from side to side with the ball. Concentrate on keeping your hips up, your shoulders square with the ball and your feet as close together as possible.

Hanging Leg Kick-Ups​

Best exercise ever, period.

Eurofit loves this movement because it recruits all of the abdominal muscles to complete each repetition.

Begin from a hanging position with one hand facing forward and one facing back.Pull your knees as high as you can.

Try 5 New Exercises

Try to avoid swinging or a pendulum motion. Good form is key.

Keep those abs tight and focus on pulling your legs up to your chest and not swinging them up.

Hanging leg kick-ups are a great exercise to build upon. You can progress to straight legs and eventually you will be able to bring our legs up to the bar!

Thanks for checking out Try 5 New Exercises from Team Eurofit. Check out our other blogs for great tips, exercises and motivation for your exercise routine. 

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