Jump Start Your Fitness in 2016


Dec 31
jump start your fitness in 2016

Jump Start Your Fitness in 2016

2015 is behind you and 2016 lies ahead. That's 365 days. It seems like a long time but it will fly by just as quickly as 2015 did. Are you ready to jump start your fitness in 2016? Here are some great tips to get you started!

Keep a Journal

Journaling is one of the best ways to remember things and to keep records. What will surprise you is how it can also reveal patterns in your daily life.

Try keeping a journal at your bedside and write in it every night. You can write about how your day went, what foods you ate, progress on projects or what the weather was like.

You can look back on your journal after a mere week and begin to see patterns. Maybe you notice you don't sleep well after eating pasta at night and you're not as productive the next day.

Journaling is a good way to track your diet. Not diet as a four letter word but diet as fuel for your body. You might begin to notice how food choices can affect your emotional state as well as your physical state.

A journal is an easy way to keep yourself accountable and on track for your goals in 2016.

Try a New Food

We're not talking kettle corn or chocolate Twinkies. Be adventurous and try that funny looking squash that you're drawn to in the produce section.

Jump start your fitness in 2016

Google a recipe for it. I found this roasted acorn squash recipe and 23 others I'm dying to try on one page!

Some of the ingredients might not be in my personal diet but it's easy to tweak them a bit to my satisfaction.

Trying new foods is a great way to jump start your fitness in 2016.​

Get a Workout Buddy

One great fitness motivator is a friend to keep you accountable.

Plan workouts that you both enjoy and make a schedule. It's harder to skip a workout when you know someone is counting on you.

Working out with a friend makes the time that much more enjoyable. It's a great time to catch up and discuss the days events.

My mom and aunt work out together. It's a great way for them to see each other. Since they look forward to visiting it makes going to the gym hard to miss.

Jump start your fitness in 2016

If socializing isn't your thing, a workout buddy can up the odds and add some friendly competition. Set some goals and go for it!

With a workout buddy you're less likely to miss a workout. A missed workout when it's a competition means you've missed an opportunity for improvement and no one likes to lose.

Focus on Form

The single most important thing to remember for any workout is form.

Forget the big weight and do your exercises right!

jump start your fitness in 2016

You will find you have less soreness with good form and lighter weights. The less sore you are the more likely you are to return to your workout.

All those mirrors in the gym aren't for some grunting hulk to admire himself flexing, they are for you to watch your form and technique.

Some good rules of thumb are to look at the horizon with chest out and shoulders back, keep your abdominal region tight and no rocking motions. If you can't lift it without a some swinging, the weight is probably too heavy.

Even by incorporating only one of these tips into your routine, you will find the smallest of change has enabled you to jump start your fitness in 2016.

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