Great Workout Motivation Tips


Jan 05
Great Workout Motivation Tips

Great Workout Motivation Tips

Staying in that workout groove isn't always easy. Work, family, responsibilities, friends, school and life sometimes get in the way. Try these great workout motivation tips for consistency.

Choose Something You Enjoy Doing

There are limitless ways to exercise. You can run, dance, punch, kick, swim or lift to name a few.

Great Workout Motivation Tips

By picking something you enjoy, chances are you will stick with it.

Don't be afraid to try something new. Most gyms and studios offer free trials.

Be realistic. If you're committing to a contract or membership, take the time to make sure it's something you look forward to.

It's a lot easier to make excuses to skip that hot yoga class you hate than the dance class you love.


Great Workout Motivation Tips

Pick a location that is convenient for you.

If your gym is close to home, school or near work, you're more likely to go.

A gym you drive by several times during the week is harder to ignore than one you go out of your way to.

Check the hours, make sure they work with your schedule.

Feeling rushed or hurried can make your gym time less enjoyable and less productive.

Check all the class and trainer schedules. If it's a class you're really interested in, make sure it fits your schedule so you're more likely to go.

See if the gym provides showers, towels, water, shampoo, etc. They more they provide, the less you have to carry or launder.


Talk a walk around the gyms you're considering; look and listen. Make sure it's a place you would feel comfortable in.

 Listen to the music. Look at the tv's. Check out the equipment. Listen to the customers, Watch the customers.

If you wished the music was quieter as you walked in, chances are you will wish that while you're working out too.

Are the customers chatting with one another or grunting with big weights?

There's a wide range of atmospheres. Choose the one that fits your comfort zone.

You might need a gym that is friendly and buzzing or a more focused atmosphere to keep your groove.

Great workout motivation tips

Schedule Your Workouts

Think about how many days you want to workout per week. Look at your calendar. Do you have the time? ​If yes, block out that time and stick to it.

Trouble finding the time? Prioritize. Exercise releases feel good endorphins and burns cortisol, a health threatening hormone produced by stress.

Remember, a happy and healthy you is a more successful and productive you at home and work!

Set alarms on your phone, put a note on the fridge or use your online calendar. Do whatever it takes to mark that workout appointment as complete.

Track Your Progress

No matter what your goal is you can track your progress.

Great Workout Motivation Tips

Keep a journal and write down how much weight you lifted for each exercise, how far, long or fast you ran or how many laps you swam.

Add up your times and make notes so you can monitor your progress.

Not only will you be motivated to improve you will begin to identify patterns.

You will be surprised what you can learn from tracking your exercise. You might discover that you need to eat 2 hours prior to exercise to prevent feeling sluggish. Or you might feel best on Tuesdays; therefore, it's a good fit for your hardest day of exercise.

There are some great fitness monitoring apps like My Fitness Pal​. It's most powerful tool is food tracking. The exercise calories burned portion is more of an estimate but it's great for an general overview.

Research shows that by tracking your exercise and food intake, you are likely to double your weight loss. That's one of Eurofit's great workout motivation tips!


As you prepare for a new week on Sunday look at your schedule and make a list. What will you need to be successful?

Make sure you have plenty of clean clothes to pack into your gym bag the night before.

Prepare healthy snacks and meals on Sunday or the night before. You'll save money and time by preparing in advance and stick to healthier options.

Are you riding your bike on Tuesday? Make sure your helmet and tire pump are ready to go.

Great Workout Motivation Tips

We hope you enjoyed Eurofit's great workout motivation tips! Take a look at our other articles to help you get and stay in shape!

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