Fitness Trends 2016


Dec 30
Fitness Trends 2016

Fitness Trends 2016

First there was  aerobics with Richards Simmons and Jane Fonda, then came Jazzercise, spinning, Wii Fit, toning sneakers, Zumba, crossfit, well you get the picture. There are endless ways to exercise and there's always a new way to market it. Want to know what to expect next at your local gym? Let's take a look at fitness trends 2016.

Functional Fitness

It's a catch-phrase that is as relevant today as it was 10 years ago.

So what does functional fitness really mean? In it's most simplistic form it translates to total body fitness. Total body fitness is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago.

According to ACSM, functional fitness is defined as "replicating actual physical activities someone might do as a function of his or her daily routine, functional fitness is defined as using strength training to improve balance, coordination, force, power, and endurance to enhance someone’s ability to perform activities of daily living.​"

Think of functional fitness as your body's ability to do everyday tasks without excessive strain or risk of injury.

Fitness Trends 2016

Have you or someone you know put a suitcase in the trunk or moved some boxes to the attic and "threw out" their back? Chances are that injury could've been avoided with a workout that included functional fitness exercises.

Functional fitness exercises prepare your body for everyday tasks like moving a chair to vacuum or packing away the boxes of Christmas decorations.

So what does a typical functional fitness exercise look like? Picture lots of dumbbell, cable and resistance band exercises that include rotating of the joints and twisting of the upper and lower body.

Functional Fitness exercises work all the connective tissues and not simply the large muscle groups. Most gym "machines" isolate one or two muscles like the bicep or leg curl.

By using dumbbells, cables, bands and balls your body is required to enlist a multitude of muscles throughout your body for balance and stability. the key to these exercises is proper form.

choose a personal trainer familiar with functional fitness exercises so they can safely guide you through each set to ensure proper form and techniques. You will likely start with very light weights but will find you progress quickly and easily.

Express Workouts

Life today is fast paced and everyone seems to be stretched to their limit for time.

Look for gyms and fitness trends 2016​ to offer workouts that are 45 minutes or less.

The average American has about one hour to spend for a workout. This inclues travel to or from the gym and a shower if you're headed to work or out after your workout.

If you have chosen a gym or workout location close to home or work, you have more time to dedicate to your workout.

An effective fat-burning workout requires a minimum of 30 minutes of actual workout time. This includes your warm-up of 5 minutes, stretching 5 minutes and weight bearing exercise of at least 20 minutes.

Your body will continue to burn fat at an elevated level for at least 2 hours. If you want to increase that burn, add in 15 minutes of light cardio after your weight routine. Make sure you can hold a light conversation without gasping for breath.

Fitness Trackers​

The trend towards technology started with the heart rate monitor and has progressed to GPS technology, step counters and even on-line competition.​

Fitness Trends 2016

I have a watch, smart phone, Polar M400, Timex Ironman GPS watch and an iPod. I have the spectrum covered from the simplest to complex enough for me. In fact the Timex GPS watch has never been out of the box.

The great thing about all the amazing technology around us is our insatiable need for information. How many times a day do you look to your smart phone for help?

Wearable technology or fitness trackers put a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, literally. this technology ties into apps and computer programs that offer real time competition with friends or strangers around the world.

My mom, aunt and boyfriend all have the Fitbit charge. ​they are constantly comparing steps, stairs and how well or bad they slept.

It's forecast that the wearable technology market will approach $6 billion by 2016 according to ACSM.

Wearable technolgy is a great way to track your progress and goals. Most manufacturers offer software you can customize for your specific needs.

There are endless third party apps that work alongside your fitness tracker with added features and benefits.

Leaderboard is a way to keep the competition going among friends and family. Leaderboard is also a great motivational and accountability tool. After all, no one wants to get less steps or stairs than their younger brother.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is not new. It's been incorporated into most home and gym workouts for years.

Think of the pull up and the push up and the plank. It's exercise with minimal equipment.

With a little floor space you can have a complete home gym suing your body weight as resistance.

Fitness Trends 2016

For your legs, you can perform front to back lunges, plie lunges, step ups and squats.

Working your chest is as easy as push ups. To ensure you work the entire chest area, change up hand, arm or leg position.

Need  a  good back workout? Try lying supermans, swimmers and pull ups/chin ups.

Working your core and abs is as easy as crunches, lying leg scissors or Russian twists.

To work the biceps, do pull ups and clapping pullups. Perform your push ups with fingers pointed to the sides and towards your feet with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. The traditional pushup will work your triceps.

Need to focus on the hips and glutes? Try the side lying clam or side lying leg lifts with toe pointed to ceiling then pointed to floor on another set.

The possibilities are endless for exercises using body weight. Another reason it's made fitness trends 2016 is the minimal expense involved,

Increasing the equipment in your home body weight gym could include a fitness ball or a pull up bar. A $35 investment at most.

Strength Training

The strength training trend is an old stand by that's once again gaining popularity. Think of use it or lose it, not body building.

The classic stereotype here is the high school football star who hasn't lifted more than the tailgate on his truck for the past 30 years.

As people age and realize they aren't 18 or 35 anymore, they begin to realize how they have neglected their bodies.

Strength training is a great way to get it back. Weight bearing exercise can help reverse the effects of osteoporosis

According to the Mayo Clinic, weight bearing exercise is a great way to combat osteoporosis as it increases muscle strength, balance, improves posture and can relieve or decrease osteoporosis related pain.

Fitness Trends 2016

Other benefits of strength training are better sleep quality, arthritis relief, proper weight maintenance and healthy heart tissue according to the CDC.

Strength training is essential for weight loss and control. By engaging in weight bearing exercise, your body burns through your carbohydrate energy within 30 minutes then its all a slow fat burn once the carbs are depleted.

A 30 minute high intensity cardio workout will never be as effective at fat loss as a 45 minute strength training routine.

A basic understanding of the body's fuels and how they are burned can be found here.

I hope you found some useful information in Fitness Trends 2016. As always, when in doubt, get clearance from your doctor to begin any exercise program and enlist the help of a personal trainer to help you develop a plan tailored to your needs and goals.

The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice, or delay in seeking it, because of something you have read on this website. Never rely on information on this website in place of seeking professional medical advice.

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