I train with and under a former European Olympian who lived his formative and high school years at a sports centered communist school. Exercise is a science and my mentor is an expert in his field. The European approach does not focus on muscle isolating weight machines. Instead, the entire muscle group and the connective tissues associated with those muscles are strengthened.

This approach emphasizes stretching muscles and joints before exercise and rotations of joints during exercise to strengthen the muscles and connective tissues. You will become functionally fit. Lifting your toddler out of the car seat or lugging groceries up the stairs will be easier and you will be less prone to injuries.

Sara Weighted Squat

Sara Curling at Czech Us Out Gym

The European program promotes recovery of the stressed muscles. Muscles that are recovered strengthen more rapidly and are less prone to overuse injuries.

Whether your goal is to strengthen your muscles, become more explosive in your sport or general fitness, EuroFitWithSara will tailor an exercise plan specifically for you.

There is a lot of pressure and long hours at my work.  I have to be in good shape because people's lives depend on my ability to stay alert.  Sara has been so helpful in showing me how to improve my stamina.  By incorporating her workout routines with a healthy diet, I am able to remain alert longer and I've noticed a considerable change in my activity levels.  Thank you Sara.

Aimee D. Surgical Technician

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