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EuroFitWithSara promotes a healthy lifestyle utilizing proven exercise and nutrition strategies.

Our exercise programs are based upon European methods promoting “functional fitness”. Functional fitness is training not only your muscles but also you connective tissues to handle real-life situations like lifting that 50lb suitcase into the trunk or exchanging the empty bottles for full ones on top of the water dispenser.

Nutrition guidelines center on a high-fat, yes I did say high-fat, protein and vegetable rich lifestyle so your body and brain function at their highest capabilities.

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Sara has been active her entire life.  She truly enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.  When she isn't at Czech Us Out, you can find her riding her mountain bike, playing hockey or spending time down at the lake with family and friends.  She encourages you to follow her on Twitter @eurofitsara to stay up on her latest tips for leading a strong and passionate life of health and fitness.

I never anticipated that I could ever workout and Sara has definitely shown me I can.  I've had hip surgery and had a very hard time walking.  After working out with Sara, I've not only been able to move around better, but I am able to move around with a lot less pain.  Sara is always encouraging me and keeps things fresh by constantly surprising me with new exercises.  I can't recommend Sara enough!

Dr. Charlie V.

Sara is pretty big on exercising, in case you didn't know already, and she would like to share some insights into the various exercise programs she offers.  Want to learn more?  We figured you might, so here is a link to take you to Sara's exercise page.

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