6 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2016


Jan 04
6 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2016

6 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2016

The Holiday frenzy is over and 2016 has begun. ​Like most American's you probably ate a few more helpings and sweets than you had planned for.  Eurofit has put together 6 tips to eating healthy in 2016 that are surprisingly easy.

6 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2016

Plan Ahead

Most of us fall off track when we are pressed for time and hungry. Quick foods usually mean processed foods high in  sugar, additives and preservatives or a burger and fries from the drive-thru.

Take the time on Sunday afternoon or your slow day to plan your menu for the week.

Pick items you can prepare ahead like chopped veggies, nuts or cheese in snack sized portions.

Bake a chicken for the week. Plan meals using a portion or stock from your chicken like chicken salad, soup or enchiladas.

Shop the Outer Aisles

We all go to the grocery store with the best of intentions but as soon as we walk in we are bombarded with eye catching marketing.

Grocery stores market foods with the highest profit margins and those are generally highly processed snack foods. There's an estimated 5000 different additives that are in US food according to author Melanie Warner.

​Shop the outer aisles. These areas include Fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and dairy products.

Pick a variety of colored vegetable and choose what is in season. In-season produce is usually the cheapest and freshest providing more bang for your buck and diet.

6 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2016

Choose fresh meats and avoid meats cured with nitrates as they can be toxic to your body. Cured meats include luncheon, bacon and hams. There are some nitrate free versions available at most stores.

Choose 100% cheese and avoid processed cheeses you can squirt from a can or the big yellow soft block famous for quick queso.

Be a Label Reader

Everyone has read the list of ingredients or calories per serving on nutrition labels. Do you know how to decipher all of the additional information?​

6 tips to eating healthy in 2016

The FDA first required nutrition labels in 1965 but did you know food safety dates back to the 13th century when the King of England proclaimed the first food regulatory law?​ You can find a brief history here.

The American Heart Association has a guide to easily understand nutrition labels.

Knowing what each area of a label means and how it applies to your diet is a great way to help you make smart food choices.

Most Americans concentrate on the calories per serving and grams of fat on labels. Did you know the carbohydrate box is just as important? Foodinsight.org gives a great rundown on understanding carbohydrates.

Frozen Foods are Cool.

When you think of frozen foods do you immediately think of pizza, ice cream or some soggy vegetable your mom used to prepare?

6 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2016

Think again. Frozen fruits and vegetables are a great way to eat fresh on a budget. In fact, frozen vegetables are usually more dense in nutrients than fresh produce.

Think of how long foods take to travel from farm to packaging plant to warehouse to your grocery store? Now think of how long that same food traveled from the farm to the packaging plant where it was flash frozen?

Frozen fruits and vegetables spend less time from farm to freezer than an apple on the shelf at your local grocery store.

The longer produce is off the plant before consumption the more nutrients are lost.

Frozen foods won't compare to a crisp head of broccoli but for meal preparation they are a great alternative.

Smart shopping is a great way to use 6 tips to eating healthy in 2016.

Feed Your Brain with Fat​

Everyone scrambles to eat a low-fat diet. Did you know the brain needs specific fuels to function just like the rest of your body?

Your brain functions best when fueled correctly and that includes fats. Good fats.

Choose lean meats (grass-fed is preferred), eggs, cheese, nuts and olive or coconut oils.​ Avoid canola and corn or vegetable oils.

Many vitamins are fat-soluble meaning they require fat in your digestive tract to be absorbed into the body.

6 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2016

A meal or snack that includes good fat will leave you feeling sated longer and decrease your food cravings.

Mix it Up

Try new foods. There are tons of fresh ideas to choose from.

In fact there are over 200 websites and blogs dedicated to food! Try All Recipes, The Steamy Kitchen or The Cook's Thesaurus.

These sites include step by step or even video tutorials to make prepping and cooking  easy. Many include nutritional information too.

There are also the old stand-bys: cookbooks. I like Jacques Pepin and Julia Child but my go to for all things cooking is The Professional Chef by the Culinary Institute of America.

By adding variety to your diet, you will be less likely to fall into old routines of unhealthy eating. Thanks for checking out Eurofit's 6 tips to eating healthy in 2016 we hope you apply a few to your routine and reap the benefits as we have!

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