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A structured personal training environment focusing on 3 core fundamentals: Preparation, Strength and Performance.

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Sara has been in the Springfield, MO area for nearly all her life.  She moved to Texas where she graduated from Texas Christian University.  She's always been active and personal training just came natural to her.  She loves sharing her passion for living a healthy lifestyle. 


Sara trained under a former Olympic athlete from eastern Europe. She's taken what she's learned from him and integrated that into her program that she likes to call "functional fitness".  This unique fitness training regimen is both fun and exciting!


Good nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight is directly linked with reduced chronic disease risk and overall health.  It's simply too important to ignore any longer.  By taking steps to eat healthier, you will be getting the nutrients your body is craving in order to stay healthy.

I have never felt better than I feel now since I've met Sara.  She is incredible.  Everyone that comes into contact with her has a better day.  Not only does she have a positive attitude, but no matter what condition you're in, she has a solution for you that won't hurt you, but it will push you to your limits.  Sara ROCKS!

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The Three Cycles

European training is different than any circuit training or group exercise program you’ve ever experienced. Pavel maximizes your workout utilizing his European 3-cycle system. This system lowers the risk of injury and you will experience fresh, engaging workouts each session so you’ll never be bored. The 3-cycle system focuses on training the connective tissues to prepare your body for the power cycle. During the power cycle, you will gain strength and fitness for peak performance.

  • 1. Connective Tissue Cycle.
  • 2. Stabalizer Cycle.
  • 3. Power/Peak Performance Cycle.

EuroFit with Sara Provides an Overall Strategy

These results might surprise you, but if it works for a former Olympian, well then…

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Beginner to Advanced


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These numbers are simply staggering. Sara didn’t put these numbers here to scare you, but to educate you and to let you know that she cares. She truly wants to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals.

Americans That Do Not Workout On A Regular Basis
3% of Americans Eat Right, Exercise 5 Times Per Week, Are At A Healthy Weight and Do Not Smoke
6 in 10 Americans Are Either Overweight Or Obese

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Nutrition is the #1 most important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. This is what I believe and it’s what I live by. You may hear other arguments, but I truly believe that health starts with nutrition.

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Eat Healthy. Feel Healthy. Live Healthy.

Okay? Do you understand how important it is to eat healthy? What’s more, you might be surprised what is healthy and what really isn’t. Sara incorporates a full nutritional program in addition to the personal fitness training.

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“I’d like to personally invite you to come by Czech Us Out gym. We are located at 1628 E Republic Road in Springfield, MO 65804. I am there just about everyday because I really enjoy my job. I look forward to meeting you and hope to see you soon. Don’t forget to mention how you found me:-) Go ahead and click on the button below if you would like to schedule your free consultation with me. “

– Sara Parrish

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